Delivery terms

The company “Melkom” is always open for cooperation. We invite to cooperation of domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors of agricultural products.

Wholesale sales of finished products are carried out both by bank transfer and for cash to enterprises, organizations of the Odessa region and other regions of Ukraine.

The management of the enterprise determines the following directions in the development of the production and commercial activity of the enterprise:

increase production with maximum use of bakery equipment by expanding the range of finished products; maximum utilization of production capacity for the processing of agricultural raw materials to increase the production of higher and higher flour

first grade due to the increase in additional volumes of raw materials by concluding long-term contracts with enterprises producing agricultural products.

To achieve these goals, the company makes intensive investments of its own funds in the development of the production base. A marketing study of the market is conducted to determine its potential volume for specific types of goods, demand, competitive conditions, and sales mechanisms.